A Subversive Aesthetic



Berty Skuber

Berty Skuber’s travels through the world of labels began more or less by accident and without premeditation in 1995, when her eye was caught by an image that peeked out surreptitiously from the lining of a friend’s or acquaintance’s jacket. "Friend or acquaintance" since in fact she is not quite sure of the person or the circumstances, and indeed deduces the date from collateral evidence in one of her notebook/diaries. This label centered on an imitation of a figure by one of the pop artists, and thus took on the almost reckless stature of a commercial art theft of a fine art theft of a commercial art image that itself spun off from the decadence of a whole fine art tradition. And all of this in miniature, in the intimate dark of an armpit. What other such minor wonders, the artist asked herself, were she and others carrying about inside their clothes?

-Henry Martin

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