Nikki Anderson


The intertwining of sculpture and sound are important in my expression of femininity. In my sculptural installations, I explore the nuances of the feminine experience from my reflections

of childhood and adolescence. I began placing my voice inside of sculptures that referenced megaphones because I am a soft-spoken person and I am constantly told to speak louder.

My voice becomes representative of the voices that we hear inside of ourselves which can be strengthening, self-doubting and eerie. In referencing childhood with the sound of the voices and the aesthetic of the sculptures, I am mapping the beginnings of identity. I create private spaces such as bedrooms and dressing rooms because the objects within those spaces become metaphors for identity. The sounds within my installations are soft and they become the unconscious speaking to each viewer. To decipher any individual sound clearly, a viewer must lean their ear towards each piece. The physical relationship between the viewer and the work is important in defining the power of the voices.