Makiko Miyamoto




Metamorphosis means a transformation caused by supernatural powers or a change of physical form, structure or substance. I titled this piece Metamorphosis to infer a cycle of life. All living things change their forms eternally. To be the same as a second ago is meaningless. Forms change from leaves to soil, babies to adults, and perhaps, humans to another life form. All we know is that phenomena happen while we are living physically. People see the repetition of birth to death on the earth and perhaps, wonder where we come from and where we go after death.

The video in Metamorphosis has a narrative that expresses the repetition of the life cycle. It shows three stages that represent how I understand and accept life within its natural laws. The concept of nature in Japanese culture is that "human beings are not considered to be superior or opposed to nature, their lives are embedded in it." Humans are a part of nature. A body turns into soil and enables plants to grow and plants keep living creatures alive. This is my understanding of the life cycle. Rebirth does not have to be a rebirth as another human or creature. Rebirth goes through nature and passes life onto the next life.