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American Excess, 2007
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The American Excess Limited Edition Bond marks the end of the era of Cheap Oil. This country's addiction to oil is enormous as it shapes our nation's entire foreign policy. This is shown in the vignette on the bond: Uncle Sam tied to an oil derrick. We are helpless in our need of oil, inextricably bound to it. Even after the warning of the 1973 Arab Oil Embargo, we failed to wean ourselves off the oil teat. We drive huge SUV's, Hummers, and trucks, wasting gas as if the OPEC blackmail never happened. Now, with gas prices over $100 per barrel, we wonder how we got here.

Besides the vignette, the bond has many other features. At the bottom of the bond is a "revenue stamp".   This is the SUV stamp: "Socially Unacceptable Vehicle." Also, the gold seal has been custom embossed: "USA, NO MORE CHEAP OIL." Since oil has reached over $100 per barrel, never to go back down, we have crossed the threshold where we must seek alternative energy sources. Finally, there is the rubber stamp which reads: Petroleum Nation, In Oil We Trust. The eagle in the Great Seal holds arrows in both claws, signifying constant war over oil.


United States of Islam, 2008
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Empire of America, 2006
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