The Objective Landscape

Keith Miller

David Patrick

All around the landscape surrounds us. Yet is it merely the geography? Or is it also the many other conditions we inhabit and which inhabit us?

With these questions as the starting point, this show attempts to display the varied possibilities of the very idea of landscape. The landscape is her scene as traditionally represented, through painting and drawing. Against this seemingly traditional notion are contrasted works that take the notion of landscape and reinterpret it. These works look at the landscape as an interior space, or equally as that which is exterior but not geographic or geological but perhaps spiritual or psychological. While the appearance may differ, the question is always more of commonality than difference; the focus is on the uniqueness of each view and the affinities between them. This juxtaposition will be an exploration of the possibilities of the medium chosen to represent, in its unique way, just what it means to be found within the landscape, to create a landscape and, in some cases, to be a landscape.

Nancy Goldenberg